Wide Leather Belts

When it comes to purchasing your next leather belt the width is an all important factor to take into consideration. A Wide Leather Belt is usually a belt of more than 2" Inches or 50mm in width, however this measurement is sometimes dependent on the clothing you will be wearing with your new leather belt. Below we will outline the different types of wide leather belt so that you are able to choose the correct belt and width for the outfit you are looking to accompany.
Wide Leather Belts for Jeans
When considering the Width of a Leather Belt to wear with those favourite pair of Jeans its always important to take into consideration the loops on the Jeans in question. You maybe surprised to hear that there is no standard loop width across the board and it doesn't matter whether you're a man or a women you will need to check your Jeans before deciding what width would best suit your needs. We here at Buckle My Belt always suggest that your leather belt is wide enough to fill the loops on your Jeans, below we picture a belt that fill the loop and one that doesn't:
Wide Leather BeltThin Width Leather Belt
 The Wide Leather Belt above to the left is what we would suggest in our opinion to be the correct width for the loops of the Jeans, filling the loops in full. The Leather Belt to the right is far to thin as you can see and that will allow the loop to condense and the top of the Jeans will inevitably fold over.
The leather belt to the left is a 2 Inch Wide Leather Belt and is ideal for those larger loop sizes, please find a link to our 2 Inch Wide Leather Belts
Extra Wide Leather Belts
An Extra Wide Leather Belt will commonly be associated with what we would call an Over Belt. These are leather belts worn over the clothing and rarely are these belts placed through loops on clothing. You will see these types of belts worn by ladies in the most part over maybe a jumper or a dress. Some will be the Corset Belt or Waist Clincher Style Leather Belt and some will be just standard leather belts but extra wide widths:
Leather Corset BeltLadies Wide Leather Belt
As you can see from the pictures above extra wide leather belts are more of a dress belt item than for holding up your Trousers or Jeans.
Wide Leather Belts for Customs
If you were to think about it the most famous wide leather belt would be that of one Mr Santa Claus. The iconic wide black leather belt associated with this particular custom is simple yet recognisable. We have made many Santa Belts over the years along with many re-enactment belts for Civil War Customs and for many film props like Lord of the Rings and TV's Game of Thrones.
How to Buy Wide Leather Belts
So the answer to your question "How do I Buy a Wide Leather Belt?" is simple. First you need to determine the use of the wide leather belt in question:
  • Are you buying a wide leather belt for larger loops?
  • Are you buying a wide leather belt to wear over a jumper or dress?
  • Are you buying a wide leather belt to finish off a custom of some description?
Once you have the answer to the question you can go ahead and order directly from our website if its an item that we have listed or alternatively if you require a specialist bespoke wide leather belt just call or email us with the specifics and we will be able to quote you.

Below are links to different widths of leather belt we have listed:

Checkout this link for a guide to How to Measure Your Waist for a Belt