Graffiti Belt Buckles

Here at we try and stock a wide variety of items. The Graffiti Belt Buckles are one such collections and will appeal to all ages and both sexes alike. These particular American Style Belt Buckles are manufactured in China from fine pewter and enamelled in various colour finishes. Graffiti itself can be dated back to the Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, however in modern times we picture walls in big urban city's scrawled with beautiful works often painted with the use of spray cans.

How to wear Graffiti Belt Buckles

When it comes to our range of Graffiti Belt Buckles there are many fashion items it would complement and complete, however they would look fantastic with a pair of jeans or great pair of shorts over the summer. We are also sure that many ladies would be comfortable wearing them as an over belt just finish an ensemble. Our full range of American Style Buckles can accommodate a leather belt strap up to 1 3/4" inch wide, however most customers purchase 1 1/2" inch wide.

Where are the Graffiti Belt Buckles made?

Our Graffiti Belt Buckle range are all made in China from fine pewter. Each one is hand finished with enamel for a quality second to none