How to Buy Leather Belts Online

Buying Leather Belt can be one of the most important parts of your entire outfit, and when choosing the one to fit your requirements it shouldn't be taken lightly. One of the most important factors when choosing a Belt is that it fits perfectly. You will find that most sites will offer a range for the belts measurements, however here at Buckle My Belt we make all belts to measure, and the process is a simple on-line marketplace.
How to Buy a Leather Belt Online

How to Measure External Waist Size when Buying Leather Belts Online

That means that when you purchase your belt through we will ask for your external waist measurement. "External Waist Measurement you may ask?". This is the measurement for the belt to fit over any garments that you maybe wearing it with. It commonly adds at least 2 inches extra to your normal waist size, however for the best results measure an existing belt from the pin in the buckle to the hole that you where the belt on. We will make this measurement the centre hole of 5 on your new belt. This will give you room to go up or down a couple of holes depending on what you are wearing it with.
Please find the link to our more details page How to Measure Waist Size for Leather Belts
Buy a Leather Belt Online

How to Choose a Buckle for your Leather Belt Online

We have an extremely wide range of buckles available to accompany your Leather Belt Strap. These will include Solid Brass or Solid Brass Nickel Plated. These are more commonly known as a Standard Belt Buckle. When choosing from our range of standard belt buckles we will permanently fix them unless otherwise instructed. You could also choose from our range of American Belt Buckles. We have many options available online and our collection is growing by the day. We fix all Belt Straps to these buckles with press studs or poppers so that the buckle is interchangeable.
​You will find more information at American Belt Buckles

How to Buy a Leather Belt from us

  • Choose any buckle from our range. Even though a leather belt maybe pictured in a certain colour leather that doesn't mean it only comes in that colour.
  • Choose the external waist size. From the drop down choose the external waist size needed. Remember this is the size over clothing, please read our How to Measure your Waist for a new Leather Belt
  • Choose the colour leather you require. As mentioned above please remember you can choose any colour leather for any buckle.
  • Add Leather Belt to cart. Once you've added your leather belt choice you can repeat again if you require more than one or move straight onto the checkout.
  • Complete Checkout. We have a quick checkout process either with PayPal or by credit card. We also have auto complete activated on our website for a speedy checkout. Remember if you have Safari you need to enable it first.

How to Choose the right width Leather Belt Size

Choosing the right Belt Size is not just about your external waist measurement. It also includes the width of the belt itself. The only way to determine the right width is to measure the loops on the JeansTrousers or Pants that you will be wearing it. You will commonly find that Trouser Belt loops are smaller on the whole than Jean loops. We stock a range of belt straps from 1 Inch to over 2 Inches so that you can get an exact fit for the loop. There is nothing worse than having a 1 Inch Leather Belt on a pair of Jeans that have a 2 Inch loop. You will get the loops popping out because they haven't been filled. We will always make sure that the end of the Belt passes through the first loop on the garment you are wearing it with when the belt is worn on the centre hole.
Click Belt above for 1 Inch (25mm) Wide Leather Belts
Click Belt above for 1.25 Inch (32mm) Wide Leather Belts
1.5 Inch Leather Belts
Click Belt above for 1.5 Inch (38mm) Wide Leather Belts
Click Belt above for 1.75 Inch (45mm) Wide Leather Belts
2 Inch Leather Belts
Click Belt above for 2 Inch (50mm) Wide Leather Belts