Leather Belt Straps

We have a wide range of Made to Measure Real Italian Belt Straps. Order on-line today from our collection and have it delivered to your door. All of our Leather Belt Straps are crafted by hand in the UK and come with press stud / snap on facility and no buckle.

The Leather Straps without Buckles will be finished to the highest standards and we will only require your External Waist Measurement. This being the outside measurement over any garments that you maybe wearing your new belt with.

Leather Belt Straps

What can my no buckle belt strap be worn with?

Our range of belt strap blanks are ideal for many different types of buckles. As standard our range come for clasp buckles, for example American Belt Buckles or Western Belt Buckles.

This means that there is no slot for a pin or prong type of buckle. However as all our leather belts are made to measure we can easily add this if requested when ordering.

Leather Belt Strap without Buckle

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Men's and Ladies Blank Replacement Leather Belt Strap

All our No Buckle Belts are suitable for both Men and Women.
 Italian Full Grain Leather
 Choose Leather Colour, Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Dark Tan, Red, White, Grey, Blue, Green and Natural please see swatches pictured below;

Black Leather  Dark Brown Leather  Brown Leather  Dark Tan Leather  Red Leather
White Leather  Grey Leather  Blue Leather  Green Leather  Natural Leather

 Measure your external waist size
 Add External Waist Size to additional notes
 Leather Belt Strap WITHOUT BUCKLE
 Interchangeable SNAP ON / PRESS STUD facility
 Our Italian Leather Hide is between 3mm and 5mm thick
 Leather Belt Straps with No Buckles come in the following widths:
1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2 Inches and 25, 32, 38, 45 and 50mm
 No Buckle Belt is edged in Black for a quality finish

Below are the links to specific colour options

Grey Leather Belt Straps
Natural Leather Belt Straps
White Leather Belt Straps

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How to Measure an Existing Belt Strap for Perfect Sizing

Use this very simple process for sizing and measuring an existing strap to ensure that you provide us with the prefect external waist size each and every time.

Lay our an existing belt strap on a flat surface and measure from the fold at the buckle end (no buckle attached for measurement purposes) along to the hole that you use most when wearing this item.

Provide this measurement by using the dropdown within the product page of the items you wish to purchase.

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Do I Need a Slot at the Buckle End of the Strap?

You will only need a slot if you when wearing your strap with a prong style buckle. If you are wearing your strap with Western Type Buckles only then no slot is required.

Below we have added pictures of the reverse side (back of the buckle in the western case) of a western style buckle and a picture of a prong style buckle.

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What Width of Strap Should I Purchase?

The width of a strap is determined by the buckle in question that you are planning to wear with the strap. If you have an existing strap that you are replacing then the easiest way to find the correct measurement is to measure the width of the current strap. The alternative is to measure the buckle itself.

You will need to measure the internal width of a prong style buckle, the section the strap wraps around. If using a clasp style buckle (usually has teeth or small screws that secure the strap) measure the internal section of the strap where the belt is placed before securing with the teeth or screws.

And for western style buckles the ideal width is either 1.5 inches (38mm) to 1.75 inches (45mm). You can measure the loop on the reverse of the buckle to ascertain which would be best to use.

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Can I Buy a Strap with No Holes at all?

As we make each and every belt strap to order we can indeed make a strap with no holes at all. When ordering choose the external waist measurement from the dropdown.

You will then receive an order confirmation email to the email address you supplied. Reply to the email and let us no that you would like no holes at all placed within the strap when its made for you.

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What Buckles Can I Wear with My New Strap?

We can make a wide range of straps for all styles of buckles. When purchasing a belt strap as pictured on our product pages with either snaps / press studs or Chicago Screws they are made ideally for the western style buckles.

If you would like to attach a prong style buckle all you would need to order is a strap with a slot which you can chose from the dropdown on the product page.

If you have a clasp style buckle which has teeth or small screws to secure the strap then you need to purchase a strap from our square end cut straps.

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How do I Use My New Strap?

Depending on the style of buckle you're securing to the strap there are a few solutions. Our range of Snap, Chicago Screw and Square Cut End Straps are similar apart from the obvious securing methods.

Snap Strap or Chicago Screws with Western Style

With a snap strap you unfasten the snaps and pass the strap through the buckle loop (Western Style) and fasten to secure.

You can use the same process with Chicago Screws apart from you will need a screwdriver to unfasten the screws before attaching the buckle.

Snap Strap or Chicago Screws with Prong Style

When securing a prong style you can use the methods outlined above for a western style buckle with one added extra process.

You will need the strap slotted at the buckle end and you will need to pass the prong through the slot before fastening with either the snaps or Chicago Screws.

Square Cut End with Clasp Style Buckle

To secure a square cut end strap to a clasp style buckle you will need to complete one of two options dependent on the buckle itself. If your clasp has teeth you will need to open the clasp and place the squared end in the opening.

Now secure the teeth over the strap. Some clasp buckles have small screws which need to be unscrewed before placing the squared end into the clasp. Then secure with the small screws.

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Does My New Strap Include a Keeper Loop?

Yes all belt straps come made as pictured with leather keeper loops. If you require additional leather keeper loops please let us know after ordering by replying to the order confirmation email.

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