Ultimate Guide on How to Measure Belt Size v Normal Waist Size

There are many opinions on the web regarding How to Measure Belt Size for the correct waist size, however there is only one that will be correct every-time when purchasing though Buckle My Belt.

We will walk you through the process and the what to do one step at a time. One of the most important things to remember is that its your External Waist Size we require for your belt size, not your normal waist measurement for Trousers, Jeans etc.

Your belt size is going to be more than your usual waist measurement as you're wearing your leather belt or belt strap over clothing which adds additional length to your circumference, don't be concerned if its much bigger its better for us to have the correct measurement rather than one that means your new leather belt doesn't fit.

FAQ On How to Measure Belt Size vs Normal Waist Size

  1. How Do I Measure My Belt Size Accurately?

    • Learn the precise steps to measure your belt size correctly and ensure a perfect fit for your leather belt.

  2. What's the Difference Between Belt Size and Normal Waist Size?

    • Understand the distinction between your belt size, which accounts for external waist size, and your typical waist measurement for trousers or jeans.

  3. Why Is My Belt Size Bigger Than My Usual Waist Measurement?

    • Discover why your belt size should be larger than your regular waist measurement, especially when wearing a belt over clothing.

  4. How Can I Measure My Belt Using an Existing Belt as a Reference?

    • Find out how to use your current belt as a reference to determine the size of your new belt accurately.

  5. What Type of Tape Measure Should I Use to Measure My Belt?

    • Learn about the different types of tape measures suitable for measuring belts, including tailor's tape and metal tape measures.

  6. How Should I Arrange My Belt for Accurate Measurement?

    • Get tips on how to prepare your belt for measurement, ensuring it's laid out flat and free from twists or curves.

  7. What's the Correct Way to Measure Belts with Buckles?

    • Discover the proper method for measuring belts with buckles, ensuring you include the length of the buckle for a perfect fit.

  8. How Do I Measure Belt Straps without a Buckle?

    • Learn how to measure belt straps without buckles, starting from the fold at the end where the buckle would typically be.

  9. What Should I Do If I Need to Convert Belt Measurements Between Inches and Centimetres?

    • Find out how to easily convert belt measurements between inches and centimetres using a provided size chart.

  10. How to Estimate Belt Size Based on Internal Waist Measurements?

    • Explore an alternative method to estimate your belt size by adding inches to your standard waist measurement, ideal for trousers and jeans wearers.

Step by Step Guide How to Measure your Belt Size

  1. Choose a Belt That Fits Well: The purpose of selecting a belt that fits you comfortably is to use it as a reference for your new belt's size. This approach involves measuring the length of your existing belt to the hole you most frequently use when wearing it. This measurement serves as an accurate guide for the size of your new belt.

  2. Select the Right Tape Measure: For measuring your belt, you have options. A tailor's tape measure, which is flexible and ideal for wrapping around objects, works great. Alternatively, you can use a metal tape measure, the kind often used in DIY projects, if that's more readily available to you. Either type will help you accurately measure your belt size.

  3. Arrange Your Belt for Measurement: Start by placing the belt you usually wear on a flat surface. Ensure it's fully extended and smoothed out. This step is crucial for getting a precise measurement, as any twists or curves in the belt could affect the accuracy.

  4. Time to Measure: With your preparation complete, you're now all set to take the measurement for your new belt order. Make sure to follow the subsequent steps carefully to ensure accuracy.

  5. Measuring Belts with Buckles: When your new belt comes with a buckle, start your measurement from the end of the buckle itself. Extend the tape measure to the hole you use the most. This ensures that the length includes the buckle, which is crucial for a perfect fit.

  6. Measuring Belt Straps: In case you're buying only the strap without a buckle, your measuring point starts from the fold at the end where the buckle would normally be. Measure from this point to the hole you use most often. Remember, since there's no buckle included in this measurement, it's all about the length of the strap itself.

  7. Using the Conversion Guide: After you've measured your belt, if you need to switch between measurement units, simply refer to the size chart provided below. This chart will help you easily convert inches to centimetres, ensuring you select the correct size in the measurement unit you are most comfortable with.

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        How to Measure a Leather Belt with Buckle

        Step 5.1: Calculating Your Belt Size via External Waist Measurement

        Understanding your external waist size is crucial for selecting the correct belt size, especially for custom-fitted leather belts like those we offer at Buckle My Belt.

        Key Steps for Accurate Belt Sizing:

        1. Focus on the Most-Used Hole: Typically, one hole on your belt will show signs of frequent use. This specific hole is central to determining your external waist size and, consequently, your belt size.

        2. Proper Belt Placement: Ensure the belt is laid out on a flat surface, fully extended, to avoid any inaccuracies in the measurement.

        3. Measuring from the Most-Used Hole to the Buckle End: Using a tape measure, calculate the length from the most-used hole to the end of the buckle. This measurement is critical as it translates your external waist size into the ideal belt size for you.

        4. Ensuring Accurate Measurements for Leather Belts with Buckles: When measuring a leather belt bought from us that includes a buckle, it's crucial to extend the measurement beyond where the buckle attaches to the leather. Measuring only to the attachment point can result in underestimating your belt size. Since buckle sizes can vary, especially in our custom designs, this could lead to a significant size discrepancy, potentially up to 2 inches (50mm). Always include the full length of the buckle in your measurement for a perfect fit.

        Please see pictures below for instructions:

        You will see from the above picture that when buying a belt complete with buckle from us we ask you to include the buckle in the measurement. This is how to size a belt with a buckle attached.

        Please refer to the pictures below for a step-by-step visual guide.

        How to Choose the Correct Size

        • Example Measurement: In this illustrative case, the hole most commonly used measures 39 inches. This single, key measurement is all that's necessary to ensure the crafting of a perfectly fitting belt tailored to your specifications.

        • Ordering the Right Size: Simply use the measurement you've taken following the guidelines above. When we craft your new leather belt, we will ensure that the centre hole of the five holes is the exact measurement you provided, ensuring a perfect fit.

        • External Waist Size as Belt Size: In the provided example, an external waist size of 39 inches serves as the equivalent belt size. This measurement provides a 2-inch margin on either side of the centre hole, allowing for flexibility to accommodate weight fluctuations and the tucking in of shirts or tops.

        Recap: Measuring a Leather Belt with Buckle

        • Lay your belt on a flat surface. Avoid using a belt that stretches.

        • Find and focus on the hole you use most often.

        • Measure from this hole to the end of the buckle, including the buckle in the measurement.

        • This measurement is your external waist size and in turn your belt size, which you should use when ordering leather belts with buckles included from our website at Buckle My Belt.

        Note: This method is specifically for leather belts purchased complete with a buckle from Buckle My Belt.

        How to Measure a Leather Belt Strap Without a Buckle

        Step 6.1: When ordering a leather belt strap from Buckle My Belt, it's essential to follow these steps meticulously to ensure that you receive the perfect fit:

        1. Prepare the Belt Strap: Begin by placing your belt strap on a flat surface. Ensure that the belt strap you use for measurement is non-stretching, as this is crucial for obtaining accurate measurements.

        2. Locate Your Most-Used Hole: Next, identify the specific hole on the belt strap that you most frequently use when wearing it. This hole will serve as a reference point for your measurement.

        3. Measure from Hole to the Fold: Starting from the hole you've identified in Step 2, carefully measure all the way back to the point where the buckle joins the leather, forming a distinct fold. This comprehensive measurement ensures precision.

        4. Determine Your Belt Size: The measurement obtained in Step 3 represents your belt size, a crucial factor when ordering leather strap belts from our website at Buckle My Belt. This measurement ensures that the belt strap you receive fits perfectly to your specifications.

        By diligently following these steps, you'll provide us with the accurate measurement necessary to create a leather belt strap tailored precisely to your requirements.

        Select a Slotted Belt Strap

        Our leather belt strap range comes standard without the slot for a prong buckle. However, we offer the flexibility to select a slotted belt strap from the dropdown menu during the ordering process. If you prefer a belt strap with a slot, simply make your choice when placing your order. Your selection will be reflected in your order confirmation.

        Note: This method is specifically designed for measuring Leather Belt Straps without buckles, guaranteeing a snug and precise fit for your belt strap. Your satisfaction is our priority.

        As you will see from the picture above leather belt straps purchased from Buckle My Belt need to be measured from the fold when supplying us with the measurement at the point of ordering.

        Recap Process for Measuring a Leather Belt Strap No Buckle
        • Lay your Belt Strap on a flat surface. (Do not measure a belt that stretches).
        • Find the hole you use most often when wearing this belt strap.
        • Measure from this hole all the way back to the fold.
        • This is the measurement we are looking for, the belt size or external waist size.
        • Use this measurement when buying leather strap belts that on our site at Buckle My Belt.

        How to Determine Your External Waist Size from Internal Waist Size

        While this method isn't our top recommendation due to variations in clothing thickness, it can serve as a viable alternative if you don't have a properly fitting belt. This technique assists you in estimating your external waist size based on your internal waist size, whether it's for trousers or jeans.

        Estimating Your External Waist Size

        On average, we've observed that adding approximately 2 to 3 inches to your standard waist measurement for trousers provides a practical approximation of your external waist size. It's worth noting that this approach isn't an exact science, as individuals with smaller waists require less additional measurement compared to those with larger waists.

        Estimating External Waist Size for Jeans Wearers

        When it comes to jeans wearers, it's common to make an adjustment of approximately 3 to 5 inches to your standard waist measurement. This adjustment aligns with the same principle mentioned above. However, it's important to bear in mind that this method provides a practical estimate and may vary based on individual preferences and body proportions.

        Consider Clothing Placement for Accurate Measurement

        It's important to consider where you wear your clothing, as this significantly influences the measurement. For instance, if you're a lady searching for a new leather belt to pair with hipster jeans, measuring from a pair of jeans worn around your waist won't provide an accurate fit.

        Consideration for Waist-to-Hip Ratios

        When measuring for a belt, it's crucial to take into account the variations in waist-to-hip ratios among individuals. For ladies, these ratios can differ by a significant margin, typically ranging from 8 to 10 inches or even more. This wide range underscores the importance of factoring in these individual differences when determining your belt size. By doing so, you ensure a more accurate and comfortable fit that complements your unique body proportions.

        Note: This method offers a practical estimate of your external waist size, particularly when precise measurements aren't readily available.

        How to Measure Your Body for External Waist Size

        In cases where you can't find an existing belt for measurement, there's an alternative method to determine your external waist size. This approach involves measuring your body while wearing the clothing you intend to pair with your new leather belt.

        Follow these steps:

        1. Gather a clothing tape measure and, if possible, enlist someone to assist you.
        2. Stand in a relaxed posture with your trousers or jeans at the desired height where you'll wear them once your leather belt arrives.
        3. Thread the clothing tape measure through the belt loops, encircling your body. Have your assistant record the measurement.
        4. Note the measurement obtained and round it up to the nearest inch. This rounded figure represents your external waist size and hence your belt size which we require to handcraft the perfect fitting leather belt tailored to your measurements.

        FAQ On How to Measure for a Belt

        • How to Measure Waist
        • Where to Measure Your Waist
        • How to Measure Waist for Jeans

        How to Measure Your Waist

        We do get asked this question on many occasions and also variations similar including "how to measure your waist". Please remember we do not need your normal waist size as this would be under your clothing which adds to the overall measurement required when buying a belt.

        Where to Measure Your Waist

        This is quite an important question and leads on from the previous answer we have given. Not all people where there belt in the same area.

        Women are a great example as there waist is much smaller than their hips in most cases and depending on what clothing the belt is being worn with the measurement could vary.

        Always measure in the location where the belt is to be worn and again over clothing, and where possible measure an existing belt or belt strap for a precise sizing.

        How to Measure Waist for Jeans

        As above in the other answers your Jean Size and how to measure for said size is not the measurement we require. Jean sizes vary widely from brand to brand and the size you purchase would be the internal waist size under clothing.

        How to Measure for a Leather Belt Recap

        1. ​​Measure from the End of the Prong / buckle (buckle included in the measurement) on the Buckle to the Hole that you use the most (Preferred Choice)
        2. Alternatively add 2" to 6" Inches (50mm to 75mm) as described (Not recommended if above is achievable)
        3. Measure through the loops while clothed and wearing them at the height for new leather belt (2nd Choice Preferred)

        We hope this short explanation answers any questions you may have regarding how to measure yourself for a new leather belt however if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to answer them. Please share this information on Social Media and help us better inform customers on the process.

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