White Leather Belt

Are you looking for a quality White Leather Belt? Then you’ll be glad to hear that arriving at Buckle My Belt has been the right decision. Here at Buckle My Belt we make all our white leather belts to order. We can accompany any one of our extensive selection of buckles with a white leather belt strap. Our range can be worn by both Men and Women and we stock formal and casual designs to suit your needs. All white leather belts are made from the finest high grade full grain leather hides sourced from the best suppliers in Italy. The leather is treated and veg tanned to achieve the colouring. We can assure you that we deliver both quality and value for money with great customer service (take a look at some of our reviews).
White Leather Belt

Men’s and Women’s White Leather Belt UK

Need a white leather belt for Golf? Looking for an over white leather belt for a beautiful summer dress? We can cater for all occasions and all styles. As mentioned above each order we receive is then passed to our workshop and handmade to measure to your exact requirements. So if you are looking for a wide white leather belt for Jeans, or a thinner white leather belt for a pair of Trousers we make most certainly help.

How to Measure for a White Leather Belt

Measuring your external waist size for a new white leather belt is quick and simple. Take a belt that you currently wear and lay it out flat on the floor or a table. Take a tape measure and from the buckle end measure from the tip of the prong or pin on the buckle to the hole you wear the belt on most often. This measurement is your external waist size and the only measurement we need. If you need further clarification on the process please see link below:
How to Measure for a Belt

What to remember when buying a White Leather Belt

Buying a White Leather Belt from Buckle My Belt is pretty straight forward and due to us making all white leather belts to order we can secure any buckle you need. In turn we always have the correct sizing however small or large you maybe. For some of the extra large sizing's, 55” and more we may need to include a joiner section somewhere in the belt. This will depend on the size of the white leather skin at the time of purchase. We have outlined the procedure below:
  • Choose a Buckle. Remember you can choose any buckle you wish as each white leather belt is made to order.
  • Choose your External Waist Size. Use the procedure we have given you to ascertain the sizing and enter in the drop down.
  • Choose White Leather. From the next drop down choose White Leather
  • Add to Cart. Once you have completed the above simply add to cart. You can repeat this process as many times as you wish until your order is complete. Once you have finish your order you can checkout.
  • Checkout. We have a number of ways you can checkout including PayPal quick checkout and credit card checkout. We also have autocomplete enabled on our website for ease of completion.
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