How to Measure Your Waist Size for a Leather Belt

There are many opinions on the web on How to Measure your Waist Size for a new leather belt, however there is only one that will be correct every-time. We will walk you through the process and the what to do's one step at a time. One of the most important things to remember is that its your External Waist Size that's needed not your standard internal waist measurement for Trousers, Jeans etc. This is going to be more than your usual measurement so don't stress about it to much, its better for us to have the correct measurement rather than one that means your new leather belt doesn't fit.

How to Measure One of your Belts that Fits

This first step is the easiest way to determine your external waist size for your new leather belt through Buckle My Belt. Most of us will have a belt that fits on a certain hole even if the overall length is no longer to our liking. Once you have located your belt find a flat surface where you can lay it out ready to measure your external waist size. Take a tape measure and from the hole you wear your belt on most of the time measure all the way back to the end of the buckle. DO NOT measure just to the fold in the leather wear the buckle joins the belt as this will give an inaccurate measurement as some buckles differ in length by as much as 2" Inches (50mm). Please see diagram below for instructions:
How to Measure Leather BeltMeasure External Waist Size Leather BeltLeather Belt How to Measure Size
You will see from our diagrams above that we have measured to the centre hole, however we would like you to measure to the hole you use most commonly as we will make this the centre hole of 5 on your new leather belt. In the example above 39" Inches is the External Waist Size. This will allow a 2" Inch (50mm) variation either way of the centre hole for weight gain and weight lose, and if you are tucking a shirt, blouse or jumper inside your jeans or trousers. Always round up to the nearest Inch when ordering through Buckle My Belt.

The Above Method is for a Leather Belt complete with Buckle

How to Measure your Waist Right for a Belt Strap

The process for measuring when purchasing a leather belt strap through Buckle My Belt is slightly different. As we do not know exactly how much your buckle adds to the overall length of your belt we ask you to measure from the fold where the buckle joins the leather to the hole you use the most when wearing your belt. Also please remember that our leather belt strap range come standard without the slot for a prong buckle. If you would like your leather belt strap slotted please just let us know when reconfirming the sizing from your confirmation of purchase email sent once you have completed your order.

The Above method is for a Leather Belt Strap without a Buckle

How to Choose External Waist Size from Internal Waist Size

This step is certainly not what we would recommend as the thickness of clothing can be very different, however if you do not have a belt that fits at all this is an alternative to the step above, Belt Size V Waist Size. We have found that roughly 2" Inches (50mm) additional to your usual waist measurement for trouser wearers is a good average to add for your external waist size. The reason why this is not an exact science is that someone with a smaller waist will have far less to add than someone with a bigger waist. If you are a Jean wearer then the average added measurement to your standard waist size will be approximately 3" Inches (75mm) with the same premise as above. Please also remember that where you wear your clothing will make a big difference. For example if you are a lady looking for a new leather belt to wear with a pair of hipster Jeans, a measurement from a pair of Jeans that are worn around your waist is absolutely no good. Ladies waist to hip ratio can differentiate by 8" to 10" Inches or more, so please bear this in mind.

How to Measure your Body for External Waist Size

This step will highlight another alternative if you can't locate an existing belt to measure. The best way to measure your body is to first dress in the clothes that you will be wearing with your new leather belt. You will now need a clothes tape measure and if possible someone to help you. Stand relaxed and have your trousers or jeans at the height you wish to wear them at once your leather belt arrives. Pass the clothes tape measure through the loops and around your body and have your assistant record the size. Note the measurement and round it up to the nearest Inch, this is your external waist size and the measurement we need to hand-make to measure your perfect fitting leather belt.

How to Measure for a Leather Belt Recap

  1. ​​Measure from the End of the Prong / Pin on the Buckle to the Hole that you use the most (Preferred Choice)
  2. Alternatively add 2" to 3" Inches (50mm to 75mm) as described (Not recommended if above is achievable)
  3. Measure through the loops while clothed and wearing them at the height for new leather belt (1st Choice Preferred)
We hope this short explanation answers any questions you may have regarding how to measure yourself for a new leather belt however if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to answer them. Please share this information on Social Media and help us better inform customers on the process.
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