Men's Leather Belts

Are you looking to purchase a Men’s Leather Belt? Have you found it hard to find the right size? Buckle My Belt offer Men's Leather Belts made to measure. We can deliver the highest levels of quality coupled with a price you will not believe for this must have fashion accessory. Trouser BeltJean Belt or any type of Men’s Leather Belt, has a fantastic range and choice of Handmade Men's Leather Belts for Sale.
Men's Leather Belts

Men's Real Leather Belts for Jeans made in the UK

All Men's Leather Belts for Jeans are crafted in the UK from 100% Real Italian Leather. We believe that quality doesn’t have to mean paying hundreds for a single Men’s Leather Belt. Buckle My Belt can offer the quality of a branded Men’s Leather Belt for Jeans at a fraction of the cost. Your order for a new Men’s Real Leather Belt can be made on-line within a couple of minutes. Once we have received your order our production team will complete the process and have it shipped to you in a timely fashion.
* Choose any Buckle for your Men's Leather Belt
* Choose External Waist Size from drop-down
How to Measure for new Belt
* Choose Colour for Leather Strap from Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Tan, Red, White, Blue, Green and Natural
Men's Leather Belts for Jeans

Width of a Men's Leather Belt, Trousers versus Jeans

When choosing the width of a Men’s Quality Leather Belt our advice at Buckle My Belt is simple, measure the loops on the garment you will be wearing your Men’s Leather Belt. Aim to fill those loops with the width of the Men’s Leather Belt you purchase. You will find that loops on Trousers are not as wide as loops on Jeans. Most commonly the loops on Trousers will range from 1 Inch to around 1 ½ Inch in most cases. Jeans are much wider and you will find that most will range from 1 ½ Inch to around 2 Inches.

Available Leather Colours for Straps

As we have mentioned at Buckle My Belt each and every order is handmade to measure. If you are looking for a Men's Black Leather Belt that is perfectly fine. If you require a Men's Brown Leather Belt then that is completely fine as well. Just choose any buckle from our range and add whichever colour leather belt strap your need.

Buy Men's Leather Belts without Buckles offers a wide range of Men’s Leather Belt Straps without Buckles as we also have an extensive range of American Belt Buckles. A Men’s Leather Belt Strap is handmade to measure and finished as all leather belts for sale through Buckle My Belt. The only difference is that the Men’s Leather Belt Strap is finished with press studs to allow the purchaser to interchange buckles.
The Mens's Leather Belts below are convenient links to the various widths of belts available on our website. Please remember you can choose any buckle with any colour leather combination and sizing as each order is handmade to measure. This offer 420 options for each and every buckle in our online shop.
Click Belt above for 1 Inch (25mm) Wide Leather Belts
Click Belt above for 1.25 Inch (32mm) Wide Leather Belts
1.5 Inch Leather Belts
Click Belt above for 1.5 Inch (38mm) Wide Leather Belts
Click Belt above for 1.75 Inch (45mm) Wide Leather Belts
2 Inch Leather Belts
Click Belt above for 2 Inch (50mm) Wide Leather Belts