About Buckle My Belt

We at BuckleMyBelt.com are innovators in website marketing. We have developed many on-line marketplaces and have found a niche in the market for on-line purchases of made to measure hand crafted belts. Leather Belts can be a hard accessory to purchase, however we have brought together quick and simple solution.

Years of experience making Leather Belts

Many years ago we were in the industry supplying Leather Belts and Buckles, including American Style Buckles and have found that there is a lack of quality and finish in this marketplace on-line. We provided handmade to measure leather belts at Lakeside Shopping Centre in West Thurrock, Essex, UK. All leather belts were made on the spot in an Arts and Crafts section of the centre.

The number 1 website BuckleMyBelt.com

So we are bringing over 3 decades of experience in the Belt Making business, along with nearly 2 decades of Internet Marketing know how, and we are merging the two to provide the number 1 website BuckleMyBelt.com. If you have any questions regarding our tailored service and any suggestions to improve our business model please feel free to contact us.