Buckle My Belt FAQ

Over the years we have been asked many questions regarding our service's and products, below are some of the more Frequently Asked Questions. If you don't find what you're looking for just shot us a message or give us a call:

  • How do I provide the correct measurement for my new leather belt?

This is a question we hear every week and we have provided a detailed process on our page How to Measure for a Belt. In short the best way to obtain the measurement we need is to measure an existing belt from the end of the pin / prong on the buckle to the hole you use the most. If you need any further help please feel free to email us.

  • What quality leather do you use in the manufacturing process?

We source only the finest full grain leather for the manufacturing of our handmade to measure leather belts. Full Grain Leather is the best quality leather you can purchase. The different grades are as follows from the best down, Full Grain, Top Grain, Genuine Leather, Spilt or Bonded Leather.

  • Does Full Grain Leather Differ?
Yes most certainly. Full Grain Leather is the very top section of the hide and is open to the elements. Depending on so many factors the colouring, grain, thickness and more can be different on every single skin slightly. Also because full grain is not treated like all the other leathers there can be marks, blemishes that may seem inconsistent with the grain but are all unique marks which makes each and every leather belt strap different.
  • What width belt do I require?

We suggest you measure the loops on your trousers, pants or jeans and buy the width the that fills the loops fully. The loops on any garment always look better if they don't bag over and are filled completely. Please find our page on Wide Leather Belts for further information.

  • How can I read customer reviews?

We have two third party platforms that we use that verify reviews on our behalf. The platform for our website is stamped.io and they confirm that each and every customer has made a confirmed purchase through our company, please click link to those reviews Customer Reviews.

We also use Google Reviews and again in this case Google Verify the reviews through there system to ensure that the customer has made a genuine purchase. Buckle My Belt Google Reviews.

We do not use any other third party review sites and have not authorised them to collect data on our behalf and can not verify either good or bad reviews through any other platform.

  • Can you make alterations to a belt?
Yes indeed we can make alterations to a belt that you have purchased from us or alternatively a belt you have purchased elsewhere. You would need to send us the item in question and once we have received the package we would ascertain the level of alteration and cost for the work. Simple alterations start from as little as £9.99 plus postage.
  • What are your buckles made from?

In most cases our buckles are made from solid brass. Our silver finished buckles are our solid brass buckles which have been nickel plated. We do stock a few cast buckles and these will be clearly marked on our product pages. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • When will my belt be shipped?

Your new leather belt will be shipped within a few of days of reconfirming the sizing as per our follow up order confirmation email. Once you've purchased through our online platform you will get an order confirmation message sent to either your email or mobile phone. We request a reconfirmation of the sizing and outline the process for getting the exact measurement for the perfect fitting leather belt. It is imperative that you provide us with the correct contact information so that we can delivery a fast and efficient service and we do ship to anywhere in the World. If we have not had a response to the order confirmation email within 48 hours the order will be made as ordered. At busy times of the year (Holidays etc) you may experience a slight delay if we are extremely busy. (Updated on the 19th May 2022 Previously 72 Hours).

  • What shipping is used within the U.K.

Within the U.K. we ship with EVRi, DPD and DHL. Please remember this is the shipping time not dispatch time. Your order will be dispatched once it has been made and this usually takes a few days depending on how busy we are, as above in "When will my belt be shipping?
  • Can an order be cancelled?
Yes an order can be cancelled up to the point that it has been sent to the workshop. As each order is handmade to measure once its with the workshop the bespoke process has been commenced.
  • What security does your website have for payment?

Our website is fully secured with an SSL certificate and when you are visiting it you will see the locked and secured logo in the address bar. This means we use a HTTPS domain address rather than the straight HTTP. When ordering ensure you are connected through a secure internet connection. Also remember paying by credit card offers you insurance when purchasing any items.

  • What type of guarantee do you offer?

We offer a Lifetime Guarantee and for full details please click the following link at Leather Belts Lifetime Guarantee.

  • Are you Open between the 13th of Jan 2023 and the 24th of Jan 2023?

We are closed between the dates above as per the header on our website, the additional sections on our terms and conditions, and any further mention of these dates on our website. This is our post Christmas and New Year shutdown period.

We are now reopen as per the message above.

  • How can we contact you?

We are an online business only and you can contact us through our email address at info@bucklemybelt.com or message us through Facebook on our page www.facebook.com/BuckleMyBelt. If you would like to talk to us in person we can be reached on 0345 193 0438 Monday to Friday as per our contact us page. Please be aware we do not answer calls that are withheld or have a No Caller ID.

  • Can I order by Phone?
Yes you can order by phone and we can take payment over the phone. Please be aware we do not answer calls that are withheld or have a No Caller ID.
  • How many holes does my new leather belt have?

Our handmade to measure leather belts and leather belt straps come as standard with 5 holes. The centre hole of 5 will be the external waist measurement provided and reconfirmed by the purchaser and measured as per our How to Measure a Leather Belt page. We will place 2 holes either side of the centre hole and each hole will be placed approximately 1 inch apart. Please remember that each item is made to measure so if you have any special requirements please let us know as we can add further holes if needed.

  • How long in total will my new leather belt be?

Our standard length will be an additional 7" inches from the centre hole on the leather belt or leather belt strap to the tip. For example if you have an external waist measurement of 42" inches the total length of the belt will be 49". As mentioned above our items are made to order and if you wish a slightly different finish we are happy to help if its possible.

  • Does my Leather Belt Strap come with a slot?
Our standard leather belt strap range come WITHOUT a slot for a prong style buckle. If you require your leather belt strap slotted please choose the Slot option from the drop down when ordering.