Men's Leather Belts

Are you looking to purchase a Men’s Leather Belt? Have you found it hard to find the right size? Buckle My Belt offer made to measure Genuine Leather Belts for Men.

We can deliver the highest levels of quality full grain leather coupled with a price you will not believe for this must have fashion accessory.

Mens Belt for Trousers or Jean Belts for Men, any style or type of Leather Belt for Men Buckle My Belt has a fantastic range of Mens Belts for Sale to add the finishing touches to any formal or casual outfits.

Men's Belts

Men's Leather Belts

 Quick Guide to Leather Belts for Men

Choosing Leather Colour for your Order

Each and every buckle we have available from our wide range can be made for you in any colour leather choice and in any external waist size you require as each mens belt is made to order.

When choosing a leather colour many of our customers match their strap colour to a pair of leather shoes or alternatively a jacket or pair of trousers.

The advantage of the flexibility ensures that you can choose any buckle with any colour choice and size unlike when buying a branded belts for men.

Mens Black Leather Belt

A mans wardrobe wouldn't be complete without a high quality mens black leather belt.

As we have mentioned above you can pick anyone of our buckles and have it made to measure in black. We have many pictured in black, click the following link Mens Black Leather Belt.

Mens Brown Leather Belt

We have two available shades of full grain leather a dark brown and brown. Each buckle has a swatch on the product page and below the sizing dropdown.

Once the size is added just pick the colour required for the order. As above we do have a page of Mens Brown Leather Belt that are pictured in our online store.

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Men's Real Leather Belts for Jeans made in the UK

All Men's Leather Belts for Jeans are crafted in the UK from 100% Italian full grain leather hides.

We believe that quality doesn’t have to mean paying hundreds for a single Men’s Leather Belt. Buckle My Belt can offer the quality of a luxury branded Men’s Designer Leather Belt for Jeans at a fraction of the cost.

Your order for a new Men’s Real Leather Belt can be made on-line within a couple of minutes. Once we have received your order our production team will complete the process and have it shipped to you in a timely fashion.

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The How To's of Sizing Your Purchase

Follow a few steps and buying a made to measure leather belt for men is simple, quick and easy. To guarantee you order the correct size you will need to establish the external waist measurement.

This is easily achieved by laying out your existing belt and measuring from the end of the buckle (buckle included within the measurement) to the hole most used when wearing. This straightforward sizing method ensures the ideal size being the measurement over clothing.

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Checklist for Ordering Belts for Men at Buckle My Belt

Follow these easy steps when ordering through our online platform and purchase the perfectly tailored mens belt on each and every occasion.

Steps for Purchasing a Men's Belt Online

 Choose any Buckle: Take a look at our full range of buckles.
 Choose External Waist Size from drop-down
 Choose Colour for Leather Strap from Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Tan, Red, White, Blue, Green, Natural, Burgundy and Chestnut swatches below:

Black Leather  Dark Brown Leather  Brown Leather  Dark Tan Leather  Red Leather
White Leather  Grey Leather  Blue Leather  Green Leather  Natural Leather

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Men's Leather Belts for Jean

Various Width Trousers versus Jeans

When choosing the width for your next purchase our advice at Buckle My Belt is simple, measure the loops on the clothing and select a width that comfortably fits like a glove.

Ideally aim to fill the loops with the width of the item you purchase. In most cases you will find trouser loops are on the smaller side with a range approximately between 1 to 1.5 inches or 25 to 38mm.

Jeans on the whole are larger ranging from 1.5 to 2 inches or 38 to 50mm due to the larger loops on most brands like Tommy Hilfiger.

This is a general guide more of a rule of thumb and we would suggest taking a minute or so just to check as brands vary widely.

As an example but by no means a rule Levi's tend to be on the smaller size for Jeans at around 1.5 inches, however True Religions are always on the larger side. Also its an individual preference of choice.

You may have larger loops and prefer to wear skinny belts. Please bear in mind that if you opt for a wider belt the loops have to be large enough to accommodate, which is one outcome you won't encounter with a skinnier option.

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Men's Belts

Available Leather Colours for Straps

As we have mentioned at Buckle My Belt each and every order is handmade to measure. Our full grain leather has been chosen specifically for its belt making quality.

As we specialise in belts only it is essential that our raw materials are perfect for that one purpose. Above are a selection of swatches with the various colour options available.

You will find each of these alternatives available on each product page and you will be able to pick anyone when ordering. All but two of our colours are Italian full grain with the Grey being Belgium and the Natural being Spanish.

If you are looking for a classic Men's Black Leather Belt that is perfectly fine and if you require the same buckle made in a Men's Brown Leather Belt to wear with Jeans in a more casual setting then we can accommodate your request.

Just choose any buckle from our range of casual belts and formal belts and add whichever colour leather belt strap your need.

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Best Selling Men's Belts

There are some clear favourites when taking a look best sellers.

Best Selling Belt

By far and away our best selling belt with well over 100 product reviews is a 2 inch wide option we make with a solid brass roller buckle. As always we can make this option in anyone of 10 colours and 42 sizes.

It also comes in a silver nickel plated version if you require silver versus brass finish. Click the picture link below to view the item:

Best Selling Leather Belt

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Best Selling Mens Jean Belt

Lets take a look at our best selling Jean belt. For this option we have plump for a 1.5 inch or 38mm wide belt as this will fit most Jeans unlike the wider alternatives. Its a brass roller design again with a leather keeper loop similar to the item above.

As with all our made to measure products the front and back edges are bevelled for that rounded feel and edge dyed for a high quality designer finish:

Best Selling Jean Belt

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Best Selling Men's Trouser Belt

Now we come to a real solid preference for Best Trouser Belt selling twice as many than its nearest competitor.

The width of this fantastic trouser belt is 1.25 inches or 32mm. Its without a doubt the quintessential, formal can't do without in your wardrobe item that every man should own:

Best Selling Mens Trouser Belt

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Buy Men's Leather Belts without Buckles offers a wide range of Men’s Leather Belt Straps without Buckles as we also have an extensive range of American Belt Buckles.

A Men’s Leather Belt Strap is handmade to measure and finished as all leather belts for sale through Buckle My Belt.

The only difference is that the Men’s Leather Belt Strap is finished with press studs, Chicago Screws or squared end to allow the purchaser to interchange buckles.

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Checkout our Range by Width

The Mens's Leather Belts below are convenient links to the various widths of belts available on our website.

Please remember you can choose any buckle with any colour leather combination and sizing as each order is handmade to measure. This offer 420 options for each and every buckle in our online shop.

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Click Belt above for 1 Inch (25mm) Wide Leather Belts
Click Belt above for 1.25 Inch (32mm) Wide Leather Belts
1.5 Inch Leather Belts
Click Belt above for 1.5 Inch (38mm) Wide Leather Belts
Click Belt above for 1.75 Inch (45mm) Wide Leather Belts
2 Inch Leather Belts
Click Belt above for 2 Inch (50mm) Wide Leather Belts
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