Black Leather Belt Strap

The black leather belt strap is one of our most popular on-line items for sale here at We have many enquiries asking questions like, “How do I buy a black leather belt?”, “Is there a correct way to measure my waist size?”, “How do I know the quality of the black leather?”, and “How can I work out what width black belt I need?”. These are but a few of the questions we answer daily and below we list some reference points to help you buy a black leather belt strap through
Black Leather Belt Strap

Replacement Black Leather Belt Strap No Buckle

As mentioned above this range of black leather belt straps come without a buckle as standard. These Black Leather Belt Strap Blanks come as a replacement option for existing buckles whether they are clasp buckles like the American Style Buckles or for standard Jean Style Buckles with a prong. If you require one of our Black Leather Belt Strap range for a prong style buckle you will need to let us know so we can slot the black belt strap as also mentioned above.

How do I Buy a Black Leather Belt without Buckle?

Buying a Black Leather Belt is actually very simple. First you would measure an existing belt for the external waist size. This can be done by measuring from the tip of the pin on the buckle, to the hole that the black leather belt is mostly worn on. This measurement is known as the external waist size, which is the measurement over any clothing that your new black belt will be worn with. This external measurement will be the centre hole of 5 on your new black leather belt.
Once you have this information your next step is to choose a buckle from our wide range of standard belt buckles, or alternatively one of our American style buckles. Choose your buckle then select your external waist measurement from the drop down in the menu. Next choose black leather from the drop down in the menu and add to basket. Buying a black leather belt that fits perfectly has never been easier, than through
Replacement Black Leather Belt Strap

We Sell both Men's and Women's Black Leather Belts

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How to measure your waist size

As mentioned above there is a correct way to ascertain the external waist measurement needed for purchasing a black leather belt through The first example you can lay an existing leather belt on a flat surface and measure from the tip of the pin to the hole that the leather belt is most commonly worn on. When using this method please remember to stretch the black leather belt out fully to obtain the correct external waist size. Alternatively, you can measure around your waist while fully clothed to get the exact external waist size. Remember that when buying Jeans or Trousers you quote your internal waist size, and your measurement for a new leather belt will always be larger than the waist for your cloths.

Measure an existing leather belt

Measure over clothing being worn with new leather belt

How to Measure Your Waist Size for a Leather Belt

Quality of Black Leather Belts

Many people are unaware that there are different levels or grades of black leather. We will run through the differences below so that you have a better understanding the quality of leather that you are purchasing. We will list them from the lowest grade to the highest best quality available:
Black Split or Bonded Leather
Black Genuine Leather
Black Top Grain Leather
Black Full Grain Leather
The Split or Bonded Black Leather is exactly what it says it is. It’s the poorest grade of black leather possible and is made up from the remnants left over from the hide. Genuine Black Leather is what is left from the hide when the top is split from the hide. The surface of Genuine Black Leather is usually refinished to give it the look of a higher grade than it is. Top Grain Black Leather is split from the highest quality of the hide to leave the best quality which is Full Grain Black Leather. Both these types of black leather are pretty good, however here at we use only Full Grain Black Leather to produce the highest quality black leather belts.

Width of Black Leather Belt

This is an easy question to answer. We here at we always say that you need a black leather belt that fits the loops you will be wearing it with. “What do you mean?” I hear you say. Simple, measure the loops in your Jeans or Trousers so that when your new leather belt is placed through them it completely fills the loops. Have you ever seen someone who is wearing a black leather belt that doesn’t fill the loops? You will notice that the loops themselves are loose and it doesn’t look great when you’re trying to finish off your outfit with a handmade black leather belt. The width of a black leather belt depends on the buckle you choose but we list the most common below:
1 Inch width black leather belt
1 and 1/4 Inch width black leather belt
1 and 1/2 Inch width black leather belt
1 and 3/4 Inch width black leather belt
2 Inch width black leather belt

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