Leather Jean Belts

Looking for a new Leather Jean Belt? There are many options available on-line however very few are handmade to measure. When buying a Leather Jean Belt you should consider a number of different factors:

Leather Jean Belts

How to Buy a Leather Jean Belt

  1. Width: Check the width of the loops on your Jeans. For example if you are an owner of the True Religion Brand you will commonly find the loops to be quite large and a 2 Inch Wide Leather Jean Belt will fit most pairs and designs. However if you wear Levi's you will almost certainly find the loops to be not as wide. We suggest that when buying a leather jean belt you purchase a width that fills the loops so that the overall designer look is complete.
  2. Buckle: Choose a buckle for your leather jean belt that suits your needs and the overall look that your looking for. We have a huge range of buckles. Our range consist of solid brass buckles, and also nickel plated finish. We also stock a wide range of American Style Buckles. These can be purchased with snap on / press stud leather jean belts. Always bear in mind that the wider the leather belt the bigger the buckle.
  3. Full Grain: The quality of the leather we stock is second to none. We use 100% full grain leather skins for all hand crafted made to measure leather jean belts. Choose a leather colour choice that compliments your outfit. We find that most customers match there leather jean belts with their shoe colour or alternatively handbag colour for ladies. We will NEVER use inferior materials in our manufacturing process.
  4. Belt Size: When determining the correct waist size for your new leather jean belt be aware its your external waist size that is needed. This is the measurement over clothing and can be measured from an existing leather belt.

Click this link for full details on How to Measure for a Belt

Men's and Ladies Leather Jean Belts

You will notice when browsing our range of Leather Jean Belts that most of the buckles are unisex. We will leave the decision in your hands to whether you think the buckle suits your needs. When checking your size to be entered on-line to purchase your new leather belt please take into consideration the type of jeans you are wearing. If you are buying for a pair of hipster jeans the measurement will be considerably larger than your normal waist size as the jeans are worn on the hips. Alternatively if you are purchasing for a pair of high waisted jeans the measurement could be smaller than you expect. As all our items are handmade to measure it is imperative that you enter the correct measurement from the outset.

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2 Inch Leather Belts
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