Leather Belts

Buckle My Belt is the online leader in Handmade to Measure Leather Belts. We specialise in delivering belts for Men and Women's belts at a fraction of the price for the same quality as a designer belt.

We fill the space in the marketplace for high quality all Jean and Trouser Belts and we deliver this every-time with the best deals on leather belts.

When you purchase a product through Buckle My Belt we enable you to choose buckles that best suit your needs and the colour of full grain leather you require.

We currently stock 10 colour combinations and offer 42 size variations for each designer belt made in our workshop.

This amounts to 420 variations for each buckle and we have hundreds of buckles in stock.

As all items are made to measure unlike all luxury brands the traditional leather accessory you purchase today will always be exactly what you ordered.

 The Answers to the Questions you have about Belts

Leather Belts

Leather Belts for Sale

Buying a leather belt on-line isn't as difficult as you may imagine and there’s no need to google leather goods near me anymore!

As long as you follow a few simple steps you will always get the perfect handmade to measure quality leather belt for casual of formal occasions delivered to you anywhere in the World.


We have an extensive range of Leather Belts for Sale and we offer Full Grain Leather Belts to be worn with both Jeans and Trousers.

Each leather belt is custom made in the UK by ourselves a British Belt Company to the specific external waist size entered at the time of ordering.

This allows us to provide any size needed, Small, Medium, Large and Extra whether that be 20" or 65" (50cm or 165cm) we can provide a leather belt to accommodate.

If you are looking for a cheap leather belt then ours may be more in price than you would like to spend however we know we offer the best value leather belts made to measure on the Internet.

Our leather belts UK are shipped Globally including but not limited to the US, Canada, Australia and all Countries in Europe. Order your Today and join the thousands of happy customers having their leather belts tailored to their size and needs.


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Leather Belts for Sale

Ordering a Leather Belt On-line

We encourage you to read our simple guide to the steps necessary to ordering the perfect real leather belt online.

If you follow our process you will buy the ideal fitting genuine leather belt and you will never shop anywhere else again for this fashion accessory. Entire step by step process click "How to buy a leather belt online"!

How to Measure a Belt

Bearing in mind we are discussing belts with buckles attached the simple explanation is as follows, place one of your belts out on a flat surface and measure from the end of the buckle (buckle included with the measurement) to the hole most used when wearing.

We will then tailor your new leather belt so that the centre hole of 5 is this exact measurement.  For the full description feel free to click the following link:

How to Measure a Belt

For the full description feel free to click t step by step process on "How to buy a leather belt online"!

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How to Order One Step at a Time

 Browse through our extensive range of buckles remembering that any buckle can have any leather strap.
 Choose the Buckle that best suits your needs.
 Enter the size!! Remember this is the external waist size. The measurement over clothing worn with your new leather belt.
 See link How to Measure a Belt
 What colour leather do you need?
 Choose the full grain leather colour which best suits your requirements swatches below and on every product page.

Colours Available for Each Product

Black Leather  Dark Brown Leather  Brown Leather  Dark Tan Leather  Red Leather
White Leather  Grey Leather  Blue Leather  Green Leather  Natural Leather

 Add to Basket / Cart! This will add your leather belt to the basket ready for checkout. Repeat the process above until you have finished shopping.
 Once you have finished your on-line shopping click the basket icon to progress to the checkout procedure.
 Complete the checkout process in full and you will get a confirmation email.

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Choosing the Perfect Fit for Loops

As we make all leather belts to order we can provide any width necessary. Check your loops and order the most appropriate width to suit your requirements.

You will find that most Trouser loops are smaller than Jeans and therefore will necessitate a thiner width product.

Conversely Jeans tend to be made with much wider loops depending on the brand and can accommodate a wider finish.

Below are some convenient links to our various commonly purchased widths of leather belt:

Convenient Links to Various Widths

  1 Inch Leather Belts (25mm Wide Metric)
  1.25 Inch Leather Belts (32mm Wide Metric)
  1.5 Inch Leather Belts (38mm Wide Metric)
  1.75 Inch Leather Belts (45mm Wide Metric)
  2 Inch Leather Belts (50mm Wide Metric)

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Which Type of Leather Do We Use

This is a excellent question as there are a number of different quality leathers available online however there is one that stands out from the rest in the manufacturing of leather belts.

We will only use full grain leather hides in all leather belts. Full grain tops the list for quality and below we have listed them in order:

  1. Full Grain
  2. Top Grain
  3. Genuine
  4. Bonded / Split

As you will see the best quality is in fact full grain which is above top grain which some people think is strange due to the name.

What most people find extremely surprising is genuine leather coming in at third with the cheapest option bonded or split trailing in last.

There is no substitute for quality and you can rest assured our grade of full grain leather and value is second to none.

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How thick is the leather

 In terms of thickness our raw materials vary from 3 to 5mm which equates to 8 - 11 ounces.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration that include the process for drum rolled veg tanning, the skin itself, the time of year, feed and weather conditions but to name a few.

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Do you Sell Men's Leather Belts

Yes we do. We have many options available. To view our range click Men's Belts and choose the desired product. Remember you can pick any buckle, leather colour and size, and we will make your choice to order.

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Can I Buy a Women's Leather Belt

Indeed you can. As with all our Women's Belts each will be made to measure allowing for greater flexibility for buckle, colour, width and sizing.

There are many variants for Women's Belts depending on where it will be worn however not to worry as we cover all including waist, hip and over belts.

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    Leather Belt Customer Service

    Once you have completed the steps above we will send you a personal email to reconfirm the order. Once we have had a reconfirmation from you the customer we will prepare and dispatch your item / items within 3 days.

    All purchases are sent by signed for mail and we will provide you with the tracking number so that you can track your order if necessary. Please feel free to contact by email at info@bucklemybelt.com or by telephone at 03451930438 or +18888683525.