Licensed Jack Daniels Belt Buckles

The name Jack Daniel's is synonymous with fine Whiskey, however they have many Licensed Products and we here at stock a full range of their American Style Belt Buckles. These Jack Daniel's Belt Buckles come in all shapes and sizes, and in some cases fairly weighty. Jack Daniel's originates from Tennessee in the United States and the company was first registered in 1875.

How to wear a Jack Daniel's Belt Buckle

With most American Style Belt Buckles they have a clasp on the back of the buckle which will accommodate a leather belt strap up to 1 3/4" inch wide, and the Jack Daniel's Belt Buckle range are no different. Most customers purchase an Inch and a Half leather belt strap to wear their Jack Daniel's Belt Buckles, however the width is entirely up to you.

What are the Jack Daniel's Belt Buckle made from?

When it comes to the material that each Jack Daniel's Buckle is made from it can differ. Within the range we offer online there are Fine Pewter, Cast and Brass. Each individual American Jack Daniel's Buckle that has either enamel or gold leafing will be finished by hand in England