Women's Leather Belts

 One of the most important accessories to an overall fashion statement is a Women's Leather Belts. There are many options available on-line for sale, and the choice of designer belts for women are limitless.

From brands such as Gucci to suppliers and manufacturers like Hugo Boss. Buckle My Belt provides a quick and easy solution to purchasing ladies belts, and also offers each and every Women's belt handmade to measure.

Take a look at our full range and choose from one of many designs. We offer Women's dress belts, wide waist and over belts to name but a few and if you're looking for a special one off option we can make that for you as well.

Belts for Women

Women's Leather Belts

What Type of Ladies Belt Can I Buy

As we make each ladies belt to order just let us know exactly what you require from the drop down options on each product page. If you can't find what you are looking for don't worry just get in touch and we will assist you.

There are various options depending on where the belt will be worn and with what clothing you intend to wear. We will highlight the differences between each Women's Belt and how to size the items when ordering.

Women's Leather Belts for Jeans

You may think Buying a Women’s Leather Jean Belt would be simple, and with Buckle My Belt you're absolutely right.

We offer a wide range of buckles that are available made to measure in various widths of ladies’ leather belts.

Each buckle has a predetermined width, and the measurement is clearly marked on each leather belt product page.

It is always best to check the loop width if the ladies leather belt is being worn through them, and we recommend that the leather belt fill the loops to prevent them from bagging.

Ladies Over Belt

You may be wearing a jumper or a dress and could be looking to finish your outfit with an over belt which breaks up the colours of the items.

These can be wide belts for women or a women's skinny belt. Each have their own overall look and benefits.

The choice is a personal one of preference however rest assured whichever is desired we can make your new wardrobe addition and staple part of your fashion collection.

Womens Trouser Belt

For that more formal occasion whether that be a function, work environment or a lunch date with a friend a Womens Trouser Belt is a must to be able to get one's hands on from a drawer or a cupboard.

They are usually worn through the trouser loops either high up around the waist or otherwise lower down on the hips.

There are numerous ladies designer belts available however with Buckle My Belt you have the added convenience of choice. Any buckle, any colour and any size as we know the lady loves luxury belts.

Wide Belts for Women

A wide belt can serve a couple of purposes and first off let's look at jeans with wider loops. Different brands tend to size their loops to suit their target customer and there's no universal rule.

As an example the True Religion Brand leans to the wider size and in most cases a 2 inch belt or wider will fit comfortably.

 A wider belt can also be worn as an over belt which we mentioned above. Generally worn around the waist and in the most part adorned with a buckle that stands out in a crowd.

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Ladies Leather Belts

Which Width to Choose

Choosing a width will be different for each individual. Use the guidelines above to determine the usage and from that decision you will have a better understanding of the type of belt and width needed for the outfit you intend to wear your new Womens leather belt.

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What Colours are Available

You will be glad to hear that colour is an easy decision when purchasing through Buckle My Belt. Choose any buckle from our range of 100's and on the product page you will find the swatches that you see below.

Just select the colour required for each purchase and we will make your order.

Women's Black Belt

 Without a doubt one of the most important inclusions in a women's closet has to be a black belt.

It can be worn with literally any piece of clothing and most will match the colour with a pair of their favourite shoes or trainers.

Women's Brown Belt

We have two shades of brown and they are listed as Dark Brown and Brown on the swatch which appears on each product page.

Both are colour options and one will surely suit your needs when buying a ladies brown belt.

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Step by Step Guide for Buying a Womens Belt Online

 Choose the Buckle which works with your outfit
 Follow the How to Measure a Belt Size
 Choose External Waist Size from drop-down
 Choose a Colour for Leather Strap from Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Tan, Red, White, Blue, Green and Natural:
Black Leather  Dark Brown Leather  Brown Leather  Dark Tan Leather  Red Leather
White Leather  Grey Leather  Blue Leather  Green Leather  Natural Leather

 Add your sized and coloured belt to the cart
 Repeat until you have ordered all your items and checkout

How do I Size my Women's Leather Belt

The best course of action for sizing the perfectly fitting women's belt is straightforward and will take only a few seconds.

Go to your draw and locate a belt that fits (which is similar to the style you are buying) and measure it as follows.

Lay the belt out flat and take a tape measure. Place the tape at the end of the buckle (buckle included within the measure) and measure along to the hole most used when wearing.

This is the only measurement we need and we will tailor the belt around the provided measurement which you choose from the drop down box on the product page.

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Quality Full Grain Ladies Leather Belts

Once you have chosen the buckle to match the outfit you will be wearing you can choose the leather colour from the list of options available.

Buckle My Belt uses the finest full grain leather hides in the manufacturing of all our Women’s Leather Belt for both quality and durability of our products. Sourced from tannery's across the World sustainability is a priority for us.

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Ladies Leather Designer Belts for Sale

Remember we here at BuckleMyBelt.com make all Ladies Leather Belts made to measure so when ordering it’s important for us to have the correct information.

The waist measurement that we require is the External Waist Size, that being over any clothing you will be wearing with your new lady’s leather belt.

You will find that the measurement will most commonly be about 2 inches more than your normal waist size and the best way to make sure is to measure an existing leather belt that fits from the tip of the pin to the hole you generally wear it on.

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Ladies Designer Fashion Belts

Here on-line at BuckleMyBelt.com we also offer many bespoke designer fashion belts for ladies.

As we tailor all of our products by hand in the UK we can design a one off leather belt just for you.

If you are looking for a certain fashion statement for a special occasion and you need some bling, or multi coloured leather finish then we can cater to your every need.

We have used studs, eyelets, diamonds, and made rocker belts, biker belts, western belts, golf belts and even woven belts.

So when it comes to designer leather belts just let us know exactly what you’re looking for and we can make it.

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