Western Belt Buckles

Western Belt Buckles come in many different shapes and sizes made from either fine pewter or solid brass, with a number of finishes available including enamelling, mother of pearl, Sterling Silver and gold leafing. As the name suggests, Western Belt Buckles originate from the Wild West Cowboy era in the United States and can be worn with either casual wear or on evenings out line dancing to Western Events like the Rodeo.
Western Belt Bucklesa

What to wear a Western Belt Buckle with?

With the ever changing fashion industry you maybe thinking "what on earth can I wear a Western Belt Buckle with?". The good news is Western Belt Buckles can be worn with literally anything. If you have that favourite pair of jeans and you're looking for the ideal belt to finish your outfit a Western Belt Buckle attached to a custom Leather Belt Strap complements them perfectly. Alternatively there is also the Western Event and line dancing scene that grows bigger year after year. We have a great selection for you to choose from for that special night out.