Vintage Belt Buckles

There are many Vintage Belt Buckles available on the secondary marketplace and Buckle My Bely have one of the largest selections of used belt buckles available online to purchase. We offer many old school designs and brands that are just not available new anymore.

Used Belt Buckles

When buying a Vintage or Used Belt Buckle through Buckle My Belt what you have to remember is that the buckle will be a one off buckle and will come in a condition that may vary widely depending on the usage and age of the buckle in question.

Branded Belt Buckles

Buckle My Belt attempts to procure a wide range of old brand belt buckles from various decades dating back more than 50 years. Some of the brands we have available for repurchase are as follows:

  • Harley Davidson Belt Buckles
  • Jack Daniels Belt Buckles
  • Levi Strauss Belt Buckles
  • Budweiser Belt Buckles
  • Wrangler Belt Buckles
  • BMW Belt Buckles
  • Coca Cola Belt Buckles
  • Smith & Wesson Belt Buckles