Brown Leather Belt Straps

If you are looking to purchase a Brown Leather Belt Strap we have two fantastic colours available in a quality full grain leather hide. We have our straight brown leather belt strap and we also stock a dark brown leather belt strap. As with all our leather belt strap range each item is handmade to measure from the external waist size provided when ordering. Please follow our guidelines for obtaining the external waist measurement from our page.

Top 8 Most Asked Questions for Brown Leather Belt Straps

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Brown Leather Belt Strap


How to Measure Your Waist for a Brown Leather Belt Strap

In short the easiest way to ascertain the correct external waist size is to measure an existing leather belt strap from the end where the buckle joins the leather to the hole you most commonly use when wearing your belt. Below is a complete guide:

How to Measure a Belt

Replacement Brown Leather Strap

Replacement Brown Leather Belt Strap Without Buckle

This type of Brown Leather Belt Strap is usually purchased without a buckle and as a replacement for an existing buckle that you own and love. The Brown Leather Belt Strap Blanks come standard without a slot for a prong style buckle however if you would like it slotted please just let us know. These items are particularly popular with owners of American Style Buckles but can also be used for practically any type of buckle design.