American Belt Buckles

American Belt Buckles date back many years. The style comes from the Old Western Days. You will see if you are watching an Old Western the origins of the American Belt Buckle and how they have developed from there. There are also old Indian Style Belt Buckles, which can also be seen in these movies. When looking at purchasing an American Belt Buckle please be aware of the sizing. Some not all can be rather large. The American Belt Buckle is best worn on a 1 1/2 inch Belt Strap. The belt straps you can buy can also be fitted with press studs to make the Buckle interchangeable.

Purchasing an American Belt Buckle

The marketplace makes purchasing an American Belt Buckle quick, easy and simple. Our on-line platform has an extensive range of buckles and we had to them as and when we find good quality additions. If you know the make of the American Buckle you are looking for just click on the link provided:
Once you have chosen the American Buckle you like just add it to your basket, and if you do not need a belt strap proceed directly to the checkout. If you are looking for a Belt Strap choose the one that suits the Buckle and then process to the checkout.