Believe it or not Wearing a Broken Watch is a New Men's Fashion

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Broken Watch

This may seem a little strange to most people however wearing a broken watch is all the rage in Men's Fashion right now.

Most people would pick a watch not only as a chic fashion accessories but more importantly to tell the time which is the function of a watch anyway.
There is now a new trend for watch collectors! They are snapping up stylish timepieces that no longer work, making them completely devoid of there initial purpose.
You are probably thinking "What's the point of purchasing a watch that doesn't work?".
According to The Wall Street Journal, it's all about prioritising style over substance.
It's believed that Andy Warhol the renowned artist started this Men's Fashion back in the 70's when he wore his Cartier Tank but very rarely set the time. Men may have been inspired by this statement and followed suit.
“I don’t wear a Tank watch to tell the time,” Warhol stated in 1973. “Actually I never even wind it. I wear a Tank because it is the watch to wear!”
It would seem strange to most people that wearing a non functioning watch was strange, however some would say there's logic in keeping up appearances.
Stephen Viscusi, author of On the Job: How to Make it in the Real World of Work, says that wearing a watch could be the difference between getting the job or not.
“My advice to you millennials who use your phones as timepieces is simple: cut it out! Go buy a wristwatch!” Viscusi wrote for Huffington Post.
“It may be a gimmick, but believe me, it will separate you from everyone else your own age interviewing for the same job.”
Wearing a luxurious wrist watch can be a costly affair running into thousands and purchasing an item that has no function seems a little strange, however others have found sites that rent watches at a fraction of the price.
Shlomo Gelernter, a real estate broker from Manhattan, explained to The Independent that he wears flashy watches every single day by leasing them temporarily.
“It’s just like having a nice car, or a nice house. People’s perception of who you are changes instantaneously, without even speaking a word to you, when they notice a luxury timepiece on your wrist,” he said.
So if you are of the thinking that wearing a broken watch looks the part from a fashion perspective or if you're of the completely illogical brigade, one thing's for certain: it's a costly pastime.

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