Buckle My Belt

Purchase Handmade Leather Belts through BuckleMyBelt.com. Buckle My Belt allows you to choose from a wide range of Buckles including standard trouser style, to the more elaborate American Style Buckles. Once you have chosen the buckle to match your needs browse our wide range of high quality full grain leather straps. Leather Belt Straps will come in many finishes including Full Grain Real Leather, and will be tailored to your exact requirements.


How to buy a Leather Belt

One of the most important things to take into consideration when purchasing a Leather Belt is that the size you are looking for is your external waist size. External waist size is the measurement that includes your Jeans, Trousers or Skirt that the belt will be worn over, and shirt or blouse that will be tucked into them. Another great way in determining your Belt Size is to measure an existing Belt that fits you perfectly and supplying us with those measurements. When measuring the Leather Belt, measure from the pin point on the buckle to the hole that you use when wearing it. We will use this measurement as the centre hole of five that we will provide.


American Belt Buckles

BuckleMyBelt.com offers the widest range of American Style Buckles on the internet. We offer many brands and designs and can deliver to anywhere in the world.

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